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Frequently Asked Questions:

[ Q ] What is BaByliss ionic curl secret?

[ Ans ] BaByliss ionic curl secret is a new age curling device with some high technological features including ceramic coating, ionic function and two interchangeable heads 25mm and 35mm respectively.

[ Q ] What make BaByliss C1300E Curl Secret better than other curling devices?

[ Ans ] BaByliss curling iron is better than other hair styling devices due to the ionic function installed in it. This amazing function in this unique curling device helps in eliminating the friction that usually occurs while styling hair due to static electricity.

[ Q ] Does BaByliss C1300E Curl Secret works on all hair types?

[ Ans ] Yes, BaByliss ionic curling device can be used for all hair types be it frizzy or straight. Also, the device is installed with 3 different timer settings including for 8s, 10s and 12s, with which you can curl your hair depending upon the amount of heat required for different hair type.

[ Q ] Is it good to use it on very fine hair?

[ Ans ] Yes, you can use it on fine hair. Just make sure that have adjust the heat temperature according to that.

[ Q ] Does it work on wet hair?

[ Ans ] It is better to use it on dry hair but you can use it on damp hair too.

[ Q ] What are the type of temperature settings are provided in it?

[ Ans ] There are three different temperature settings to curl your hair including for 8s, 10s and 12s. You can switch to the temperature depending on the type of hair you have or the amount of heat required.

[ Q ] Is it safe to use ceramic curler on hair?

[ Ans ] Yes, infact ceramic coating enables the device to hold heat even better and thus make the curls last longer.

[ Q ] What are the type of heads provided with this device?

[ Ans ] BaByliss Ionic curl device features two interchangeable heads, one is 25mm that can used for getting the perfectly tuned fine curls and another is 35mm for more of the soft loose curls.

[ Q ] Do we have an automatic shutdown feature with this curl iron?

[ Ans ] Yes, the device do have automatic shutdown feature.

* Note : By using the product, results may vary person to person.

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